Sharpening edge tools & getting ready for the New Year

Sharpening edge tools – chisels, planes, spokeshaves and cabinet scrapers  – isn’t my favourite pastime but it is essential to get good results and make wood working more pleasurable.  So with some time off before resuming guitar making classes later this month I’ve been catching up on some important housekeeping in the workshop.  One of the important task was to freshen up edges on all the edge tools.  I have appreciated the assistance of a couple of my keen students working on sharpening chisels and plane blades.  Next we have to tackle the scrapers.  Here is a great article on just this topic for those of you who would like to know more about sharpening one of the most useful and less well known tools in the luthier’s arsenal, the humble cabinet scraper.

We use these throughout the guitar making process.  Particularly for cleaning glue from the panel glue joints, smoothing every part of the guitar especially top and back and necks and cleaning up the bindings and purflings.

Image result for cabinet scrapers images

And we use a variety of shapes and sizes.  One of the most useful is this “mini scraper”

 It comes in useful everywhere particularly for fine details and repairing damaged finish.

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