The Kathmandu Kids Guitar Project 2016

In 2009, a ragtag group of travellers – all long past their youthful backpacking days – headed up Yala peak in Nepal. Seeing the faces of smiling yet poverty-stricken children was a bittersweet experience.

Those words open the website for Kathmandu Kids, the name now used by that ragtag group of travellers who raise money each year to enable the education of highly disadvantaged kids who live in the squalor of the Kalimati Slum in Kathmandu Nepal.  And the organization that does all the hard work in Nepal is the Sunrise Children’s Association established and run by Australian Woman Emma Taylor.

I was one of those “ragtag travelers” in 2009.   On my return I decided to make a guitar that could be used to raise money in support of this cause.  That guitar was an electric semi-hollow guitar that was called the Kalimati Tiger.

It is time to step up once again and embark on another fund raising project to support the Kathmandu Kids.  This year we will produce an exceptional acoustic steel string guitar which, like the Kalimati Tiger, will feature some unique design features reflecting the cause and Nepal;  and I say “we” because I will be supported in the effort by the students at my guitar making school in Brisbane.

So to get the ball rolling here is a short video created by one of my talented students Fred Husted (Husted Images) explaining the project:

“Fantastic, How do I contribute Andrew?”

Firstly, to contribute to the cost of materials and other associated costs (we need around $1,000 including a high quality case and pick-up system) please send contributions to the following project-purpose account:

Account Name: John Andrew Armstrong (it will be audited)
BSB: 304-260
ccount Number: 0102244

Please note that this is NOT a tax deductible donation. However it is important that the costs of the guitar are covered by contributions. If we have a surplus it will be added to the eventual funds received on sale of the guitar and will go the kids in Nepal.

Secondly, to make a tax deductible donation:

  • Go to the Sunrise Children’s Association Website donation page here:
  • Click on the “Donate Now” image and find the “One-off donation” link on that page.
  • Fill in the details and select “Don’t use My Giving“.
  • Under “Is this donation to honor someone special” please say “Kathmandu Kids Guitar” and
  • under “Notify Someone of your donation” please include this email address:

It is really important that you include the reference to the Kathmandu Kids Guitar is included otherwise we won’t get the credit for the donation.

Finally, the guitar will be auctioned off later this year and you are invited to bid for it.  Details on the auction process will be communicated later.  But why wait till then to make a contribution, donate/contribute now and do it often and tell everyone you know!!

Thank you for making a contribution and making a difference to the lives of so many kids in Nepal.

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