“Every guitar is special to it’s owner regardless of the pedigree of the instrument and deserves to be given the opportunity to play at its best.”

Armstrong Lutherie is a Brisbane based guitar maker specialising in hand­made guitars, guitar customisation, major repairs/restorations and basic instrument maintenance and set ­up.

Starting back in 2003, Andrew Armstrong has developed a broad capability in guitar making, customization and repairs.

This has been achieved by constantly looking for and taking on new challenges and pushing the learning curve.  Recognizing the growing demand from players and non­-players alike to learn about guitar making and to experience the magic of creating their own guitar,

Armstrong Lutherie has opened the first purpose-built guitar making school in Queensland. The Brisbane Guitar Making School offers the opportunity for people of any skill level to make their own high-quality guitar at their own pace in a purpose built workshop by taking weekly 4 hour classes.

The philosophy that underpins his work is that a guitar should always bring joy to its owner and put a smile on their face. Every guitar is special to its owner regardless of the pedigree of the instrument and deserves to be given the opportunity to play at its best. Whether a basic set up to achieve the best playability, minor re-­working of frets, bridges and nuts or replacing the smashed soundboard of an acoustic or re-­attaching a broken headstock it is about getting your guitar to be the best it can be.

Handmade guitars are built on commission to meet the needs or specifications of the new owner. The music and playing style of the player must be taken into account when designing and making a guitar. Using only the best quality tone woods sourced from sustainable local and international suppliers, Andrew crafts instruments to meet the player’s requirements.

To learn more about making your own guitar, getting the most from your guitar, or having a bespoke instrument made to your specifications get in touch via the Contact page.

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