BGMS Class Booking Policy-Procedure Version 2 – Updated 3 August 2021

Purpose and Objectives

This policy describes how class bookings are managed via the Brisbane Guitar Making School (BGMS) Class Booking System (a.k.a. Bookeo).  Its purpose is to provide a consistent, fair, and functional system for the making, cancellation, and changing of class bookings at the BGMS.

Operational Aspects

  1. All bookings and cancellations will be made by the student via the School’s online booking system known as Bookeo:
  2. All bookings must be paid for when booked with either a simultaneous payment or a pre-paid credit.
  3. Pricing for classes including options for advance booking discounts is incorporated into Bookeo. Class pricing is based on the regular class price which may be varied from time to time. The advance booking discounts are as follows and the dollar amounts shown are examples for clarity and may not represent the actual class prices in effect at any time.
    • Regular price = $115.00
    • 2 wk early-bird for regular weekly students. Discount Code is: EB2  = 5% discount = $109.25
    • 4 wk early-bird for regular weekly students. Discount Code is: EB4  = 7% discount = $106.95
    • 5 wk pre-paid pack = 10% discount = $103.50.  Available via Prepaid Packages in Bookeo.
  4. Student Classifications:
    • Regular-Weekly Student = you are registered to attend a regular weekly class at the same time each week.  You are required to book into your class at least 14 days in advance to secure it and you can book as far in advance as you like.  You may book extra classes (other than your regular weekly class) using your class credits but only within the next 14 days where there is a place available.
    • Casual Student = you are registered to attend on a casual basis; you do not have a regular weekly class.  You may only book into classes where there is an available place within the next 14 days.  You may waitlist for a class that is more than 14 days in advance when that future class is fully booked and the Waitlist option is available.
  5. Waitlisting:   When a class is fully booked, Bookeo turns on the Waitlist option.  If one of the booked students cancels their booking, Bookeo will immediately notify waitlisted students of a cancellation on a non-priority basis via SMS and email so that they have the opportunity to book the place.  Any student (Regular-Weekly or Casual) may put their name on a waitlist for a place in a currently full class regardless of how far in the future it is.
  6. Cancellation Policy:
    • All cancellations are to be made by the student via Bookeo. Cancellation advice by phone or SMS to the instructor will not affect a cancellation but should be done as a courtesy.
    • Cancellation with more than 48 hours’ notice:   receive a full refund.
    • Cancellations less than 48 hours and more than 2 hours notice:  receive no refund however a make-up credit may be issued by the instructor (conditions apply*).
    • Cancellations less than 2 hours notice (“no show”):  receive no refund and no make-up credit.
  7. *Make-up credits:
    • are issued in Bookeo by the Instructor and may be used to book a class other than the students regular class;
    • Must be requested in writing by the student after canceling a class;
    • must be used within 3 months of issue;
    • are limited to 3 per student per guitar build.