Little Wing Travel Guitar

The Select Series Opportunity:  A complete guitar-build experience with cost and time frame certainty.

The three big questions we’re regularly asked: How much will it cost?  How long will it take?  What if I have no prior experience or know-how?

Our Select Series guitars address these questions by providing a complete guitar-build experience at a fixed cost within a defined time frame.  Furthermore, all the design and material selection decisions are made for you and we provide expert guidance to make sure that finish with a superb instrument you’ll want to brag about.  The full-sized acoustic guitars (Steel String and Classical) cost $3,500 all-inclusive with a build time of 20 – 25 classes.  The Little Wing Travel Guitar is $1,500 all-inclusive with a build time of around 10 classes.  The Select Electrics cost $2,500 and take around 15 classes to complete.

A special member of the Select Series instruments is the Little Wing travel guitar.  A small fun build, the Little Wing is a fully functional 6-string guitar developed to give you an introduction to instrument making.  Designed at the Brisbane Guitar Making School this simplified guitar build allows you to learn the most important guitar-making processes while creating a very useable and dare we say, ‘cool’ little guitar.  When fitted with the optional pick-up and pre-amp this little guy comes to life through an amp or PA and with the high-quality gig bag we have available it can be taken onboard commercial airlines as carry-on baggage.

You don’t need to have any woodworking or musical experience.  The building will take around 10 classes and all materials are provided and included in the fixed cost.

Just because it is a small guitar doesn’t mean it doesn’t sound great.  Here are a couple of sound bites best listened to though good speakers or headphones:

Sample 1 – Early prototype, fingerstyle.

Sample 2 – Early prototype, fingerstyle.

Sample 3 – Later prototype, fingerstyle + vocal recorded in front of a live audience.

Evening Classes are held:  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm to 10pm

Daytime classes are held:  Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 9:30am to 1:30pm

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