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Repairs, Restoration, Maintenance and Set-ups

From minor fixes, maintenance and set-ups to trauma recovery and major restoration.

Epi1 600x338  From basic set­ups and minor fixes to trauma recovery and major restoration, the goal is to get your guitar back to playing the way you want it to. Factory delivered guitars are seldom set­up to meet the preferences of the individual – rather they come in a standard configuration often with high action and poor intonation – this can be quickly remedied.

For more advanced set­ups, Armstrong Lutherie uses a precision neck setting jig that enables the set­up to be done taking the playing position and string tension into account.

Accidents happen and major trauma can be inflicted on guitars leading to broken necks, cracked tops, sides and backs, crushed bodies. And age takes its toll with necks bowing, frets wearing and hardware breaking down.

Talk to us about getting your guitar back into playing condition regardless of its current condition.

Custom Shop

Creating individual and unique instruments from standard production models

Hot Chilli 600Creating individual and unique instruments from standard production models is an economical means to achieve a highly personalised instrument.

Whether adding a handmade and personalised pickguard in natural or alternative materials,
personalised inlays, adding/changing pick­ups, custom re­wiring or a full re­spray – almost anything is possible.

If you have a guitar that you love to play and want to take it from looking/sounding like every other guitar from that production run into something unique and a personal statement, customisation is the way to get there.



Brisbane Based Luthier Andrew Armstrong, Guitar repairs