Little Wing Travel Guitar Launched

The Little Wing Travel Guitar has launched!  After careful design and prototyping, this fantastic small guitar sounds good and looks good.  It functions as a standalone go-anywhere acoustic or it can be fitted with an optional pick-up for amplified playing … and plugged in they sound even better!






Here is Kat, our first Little Wing student, with her finished Little Wing

And what does it sound like?  Here are a couple of quick acoustic samples recorded very simply into a single condenser mic with no processing.

This third sample was recorded at a live house concert in front of an audience.  The Little Wing was recorded acoustically via a high-quality condenser mic and the pick-up was run into an AER Compact 60 amp then to the mixing board.  Some reverb has been added mainly to the vocal.

If you’d like to make one these cool little travelers, get in touch via the Contact Us page.

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