Vacuum Bridge Clamp Launched

Not content to just make guitars, we’ve been busy developing some new tools and jigs that drastically improve the guitar-making experience. Our most recent development is this vacuum bridge clamp that eliminates the need for conventional clamps through the soundhole, awkward internal cauls, and the risks these pose to your instrument.

Vacuum Bridge Clamp Activated

Made from HDPE with rounded ends and soft corners, this clamp is lightweight, strong, and easy to use. We’ve can supply an in-expensive vacuum generator that requires nothing more than low volume compressed air to drive them if required.

Available in two sizes for guitars and ukuleles

And because we make Ukeleles and small travel guitars too, we have a uke-sized clamp available as well. One of the best features of these clamps is the translucent silicone rubber membrane that allows clear sight of what is going on under the clamp so you can monitor glue squeeze out and any possible movement of the bridge. Here’s a short video demonstration.

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