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Little Wing Travel Guitar Launched

The Little Wing Travel Guitar has launched!  After careful design and prototyping, this fantastic small guitar sounds good and looks good.  It functions as a standalone go-anywhere acoustic or it can be fitted with an optional pick-up for amplified playing … and plugged in they sound even better!           Here is Kat,
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Re-gluing a Maton Guitar Bridge

Seems like lately, we’re getting a lot of guitars with lifting bridges. This Maton ECG80W came into the shop with the bridge lifting.  Here are a few photos to tell the story. These images show the bridge lifting from the top. Once the string tension was released, the bridge dropped in place on the top
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Guitar repairs available Armstrong Lutherie Brisbane Qld

Repairing the binding on a Martin 000


Kathmandu Kids Guitar Gallery

All photos by Fred Husted – Husted Images           

Michael Fix plays the Kathmandu Kids Guitar


Best Woods for making an Acoustic Guitar

I am often asked about the best woods used when making a guitar One of the most frequently asked questions I get from people looking to make a guitar (and others generally) is:  What is the best wood for making an acoustic guitar?  Or alternatively, What difference does the species of wood used in the
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Soprano Ukulele Bridge Repair

In this post I demonstrate how a poorly glued on Soprano Ukulele bridge, done at the factory, has lead to the inevitable detachment of the bridge.  A short video shows you the problem, my approach to effecting the repair and the repaired uke.  The client in this case did not require the uke to be
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